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GT Fishers Maldives welcomed Italian "Wild Fishing Anglers" led by Vincenzo Caccico for the first time with Speed Boat Magic Life.  Vincenzo and his customers have been long royal clients for our Dhoni Hariyana for Fishing Safari.  Thus, it was Vincenzo's first trial fishing with speedboat with his customers.  He brought 2 gruops of Italian fishermen - 1 week each - throughout 2 weeks based in Lhavyani Atoll.  From Lhaviyani, daily reach to Baa, Raa, Noonu Atolls are also possible.

The results were just explosive fishing with so many GTs and other fishes with good sizes.  At one time, there were triple hits continuous and landed 6 GTs within a few minutes!

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By the way, we safely released all fishes after taking a photo.  We should however be more careful how to hold the fishes; if holding fish from tail hanging down, it damages the backbone and spinal codes so that survival rates drastically reduce.  We will ask and educate all our customers to gently and properly handle fishes in order to safely release with shortest cycle time.

Italian Fishermen are very savvy in terms of not wasting any unnecessary expenditure.  Organizer Vincenzo also has to cater those requirements to construct the tour in a compliant manner.  So he has to be at times a very tough negotiator!  He wanted to go to Lhaviyani Atoll this time that as we see resulted very well.  However, the problem about staying in Lhaviyani Atoll as a base location is that there is no Guesthouse.  There are several resort hotels including Kuredu Island Resort - Largest resort in Maldives and very reasonable rates.  However, he wanted to make more economical for his customers.

After some discussion and creating thinking, we came up with the idea of "Home Stay".  How?!  Well, it turned out that all of our GT Fishers Maldives guys are from Lhaviyani and our family and many of them still live there.  So we asked our managing director Hameed's brother to allow his 4 guestrooms to use as host our guests at reasonble rates, including some Maldivian home cooking.  It was also very successful and well appreciated by our customers to enjoy the local culture and life exposure whereas they used to stay on dhoni boat over nights with no cultural experiences other than dhoni crews.

Since this trip was very successful, we decided to go to Lhaviyani ourselves next month for our own fishing expedition.  We are also planning to work on resort development so that we are also going to check some islands for potential resort developments.  This is also a family vacation including a kid so that we decided to stay at Kuredu Island Resort that we found bargain rates for offseason.  We found at  For the same time range, did not have availability. was also available at similar rates. has good functions for identifying the attributes of resorts like narrowing down or filtering by each Atoll or if Children are allowed.  These are very important criteria for the search.  I could however not find any watervilla that allow children.  So if you planning your vacation in Maldives, please watch out those factors.  Bargain hunting, online agencies are very good.  At high and peak season, local wholesale prices tend to be more reliably low that we can provide.  Let us be savvy tourists like these Italian guys!!

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Our Italian Dude Friend Vincenzo!

Guesthouses are good and low budget alternatives to resorts in Maldives today.  We have served quite a few customers with Guesthouse package to our fishing charter services.  Guesthouses can be as low as, or lower than 50 USD per night per person.  On the other hand, Resorts are anything from 4-500 USD or more; Water Villa may be from 1,000 USD upward.

Let us be realistic.  We fishermen go out on sea from 7 or 8am until sunset.  We cast 3-400 times of 150g lures and fighting with 30-50kg giant fishes all day under brutal sun without shadow.  If I do that 7 days straight, I am exhausted.  Then what do we expect after fishing at night until next morning we go back to fishing?  Nice shower, simple but energizing meal, and good sleep.  I personally cannot drink any alchohol during my fishing expedition even though other times I finish a bottle of red wine by myself every day.  Question then is do we want to pay 600 USD per night plus expensive meal at luxary restaurant at resort?  Probably No. 

If you come with family or honeymoon, Sure!

Guesthouses in Maldives are mostly new and clean while at home hospitality that I like while being exposed to the local life.  We have a selection of local restaurants with local cuisins for a few dollars.

One issue for some people maybe that alchohol is not allowed outside of resort hotels.  Guesthouses thus do not serve alchohol.  However, there are some solutions like visiting nearby resort hotels.

There are several locations we can find guesthouses:

1. Hulehumale - Airport Island
It is ideal for transit before next morning domestic flight or seaplane move, or speedboat to Ari or Rasdhoo Atoll.  Only 5-10 minutes car ride after long interntional night arrival flights.  Male City, on the other hand, there are some hotels available but rather rated a bit high especially at high season.  Boat transportation though it is close is a bit troubling and clouded.  Some people stay in Hulehumale throughout the whole tour which is the most budget way to fishing.  As other blog contents say, we can do a lot of good fishing  in North and South Male; Hulehumale is good base location to do that.  If you feel like occasional drink, you can always to to airport hotel Hulehule by taxi for 5 minutes!

2. Maafushi Island in South Male Atoll
Another popular destinations that you can transport after night arrival by speedboat.  A lot of local life flavour with culture.  Many guesthouses are available.  Speedboat takes you there within 30 min or less if ocean is not rough.  Many restaurants available also.  Some guesthouses are facing the beach.  As also mentioned in other blog contents, perhaps you can try Shore Fishing which no resorts allow such.  Some hundred of dollars are required for speedboat transfer unless you take public ferry transportation that takes hours.

3. Rasdhoo Atoll
Rasdhoo is an atoll located on the north of Ari Atoll.  Most of Ari resorts require seaplane transfer but it is only one hour speedboat transfer.  Problem of seaplane or airtaxi is that you never know what time till the day before and always not most preferred or convenient time that limits your fishing time.  We can take our speedboat in the morning after transit night at Hulehumale guesthouse.  (We do not go during the night).  This Rasdhoo Guesthouse is the ideal base for Ari, and you can extend your coverage up to Baa Atoll with extra fuel.  We had several over 50kg GTs last year.  Please check other blog contents specific to those areas.

4. Vaavu Atoll also has a guesthouse.

5. Gaafu Dhaalu, Gaafu Alif, Noonu atolls all have guesthouses.  Today we are serving Italian anglers going to Lhaviyani.  Lhaviyani has not guesthouses so that we arranged Home Stay with our home's guestrooms while offering half board services with home cooking!  Anway we have a pretty comprehensive list of guesthouses and low budget resorts.  Please inquire anytime!

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