New destination GT Fishers Maldives team developed this year was Faafu Atoll.  In May 2014, we took a ride with our speedboat Magic Life and drive down South South West for 2-3 hours.  (Similar distance to Lhaviyani Atoll - North of Male).  From a brand new guesthouse we parked ourselves for a week, we spend next 7 days for continous fishing without lunch and rest for 7 days straight and each day with 10-12 hours of fishing of keep casting.  Sometime I feel this is harder than Tri-Athron❢

This are was not preserved fairly well as fisihng areas as apperently not too many fishermen exploit the area.  We had both size and quantity of fishes landed.  Areas have so many fishing spots for both dynamic outter reef and inner reef/coral points that we can cover with prompt moves from one point to the other as currents change.  Very efficient fishing.  You should have a lot of stamina and energy with work out as preparation for the expeditions.

After our trial trip, 4 groups of anglers from Italy and Thailand took their expeditions to the same area with the same guesthouse.  EVERYONE with NO EXCEPTIONS said this is one of the best fishing ever.

Guesthouse we stayed is very new and clean with manager with experiences having lived and worked in Scandinavian countries for 2-3 decades knowing Western disciplioned services and hospitality with professional management.  We take dinner at nearby restaurant everyday as we bring a few of our Today's Catches - typically red snappers and groupers.  They cook those fish fresh  wtih local recipe together with a lot of local home cooking like cuisins just for 5 USD per person!!  However, 7 days straight with exact same food was a bit tiring after 5th day...