As we complete our first year, we are now preparing to make another line of services - Fly Fishing

Bone Fish in particular has been very popular targets for Salt Fly Fishermen.  We have been receiving several inquiries about this and started making some research and now we are working with Japanese and Denmark Agents to start our new services of Fly Fishing.

First of all, we have found that A Few Northern Atolls have the most concentration of Bone Fish and several anglers have mostly tried in those atolls.  In our last GT Fishing Expedition, we have seen so many bone fishes just around the Resort we stayed.  Our Japan Agent Mr. Kashiwagi of Free Ride Anglers took exploration expedition in 2009.

We have learned that some German, Malaysians, and other countries' anglers have gone there also on a periodical manner. 

Bone Fish, it is mostly sight fishing that you need to find the groups of fishes.  Then again, going with slow Dhoni becomes a problem to run fast from one point/island to another to find those fishes.  Thoese fishes seem to migrate many different locations; so we have to find where they are TODAY!  Speedboat can do much better on that than 5 knot dhoni which cannot even approach the island to land to the shore.

So our aim is to revolutionalize the bone fish fishing and other fly fishing in the area.

Bone fish flying destinations elsewhere has been rather far and expensive.  We believe we can offer significantly cheaper fishing with better access from the most of countries.  For example, for Japanese, Bone Fish expedition is Christmas Island (11 day journey starting from Monday, corporate people unfriendly..), Bahama, Seychelle, New Caledonia - all very far and expensive destinations.  Maldives can be cheaper alternative destination with shorter days required. 

Next challenge is that there is no budget guesthouses in those Atolls...    So we are now planning to make 3 room guesthouse ourselves.  Our local managing director moved his family to Male from this area for child middle education.  So we have one house available and empty.  All we have to do is to clean up and install aircondition units.  We think we can offer somewhere far cheaper accommodation than staying at Resorts around.  This way, we can contain the budget of expedition quite low rather than staying at resorts for 3-400 USD per night.  We can transport the customers with our boat also if seaplane is additional 3-400 USD per peson for roundtrip with unpredictable time.  It is only 2-2.5 hours to transport from Male Airport, assuming seas are not overly rough for global warming!

Anyway, please wait for a bit and we will soon report our first expedition.  If you are interested in, you can contact us or our Fly Fishing Passionate agent Thomas at GetAway Tours