December 2012

North Ari & Rasdhoo Atolls were the final destinations of this year's tour and first tour in the atolls.  However, due to this year's irregular weather into dry seasons with rough seas, we could not transport immedaitely to our friend's own Rasdhoo Atoll Guesthouse at night upon arrival from Japan by Sri Lanka Airline.  So we bunked in another friend's guesthouse in Hulehumale - airport island on the first night and transport to the Rasdhoo when ocean gets calm enough with Captain's judgement.

Fortunately very next morning, we could go to Rasdhoo and enjoyed 5 day fishing tour in Rasdhoo and North Ari Atolls.  Fishing by 2 Japanese experienced anglers were, to say the least, EXPLOSIVE!

They scored double over 50kg GTs, and lots of lots of over 40kg & 30kg!  Initially we were not so sure about Northern Ari Atoll because they are quite well fished area by fishing safari (Rashoo is a tiny atoll on the northern tip of Ari Atoll which maybe well kept since so small?!).  Lhaviyani Atoll fishing by Russian customers a couple weeks ago was not quite successful.  BUT, our worries turned out to be very turned up side down by explosive fishing in terms of both number and size.  It takes only 1 hour to reach Rasdhoo Guesthouse by speedboat from Airport which is about the same as some of remote North Male resorts.  Now we think it is a very good area not so far away to explore more!

Use of low budget but very new n' clean guesthouses for fishing package has been proven methods of wonderful fishing with budget in Maldives as well as proven that Maldives is NOT expensive country to go for wonderful fishing.


First GT Fishing - We really love to encourage those fishermen to try GT Fishing for the first time.  This is very concept that we had in mind when we started our services.  Many of us fishermen have seen those gigantic Giant Trevally in fishing magaizines or internet. Perhaps Pictures on the wall of fishing shop.  We fishing inspired people dream about catching those monsters someday.  However, it is expensive to buy all equipments - Rod/Reel/Line/Leader/Lures/Hooks/SplitRings etc etc all cost around 1500-2000 USD per set.  Lure alone costs over 80 USD!! 

So we offer Free Rental Equipments - not cheap stuff but the best ones from Japan (e.g. Shimano Stella, Twinpower, Ripplefishers, Carpenter etc.).  Beginners can come to Maldives without any fishing gears but just book with us and wait for us to pick up at Jetty.  We will take care of the rest including casting lesson and instruction how to fight with monster GTs.  If you lose lures, then you just pay penalty 20 USD to replace.

Luckily we have served quite a few of those customers for the first try. Many of them are honeymooners.  We have not experienced any charters without catching GTs for all first time beginners since we launched our services.  This is something we are pround of most, much more than expert catching over 50kg - that is also great things and feels good, too.  We do not know how long this record will continue as fishing is nature matter but we will try our very very best to provide such experiences to our customers!

Picked some pics of first time try!

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BAA Atoll - it was our very first time to have a speedboat tour in this atoll.  In fact, our customer chose the resort Dusit Thani because this was convenient location for us to service since our 6 day Russian Shop tour in Lhyavinani Atoll was until the last day and it was closer location for us to acces in tight schedule.  So we did not know what to expect.  Then it turned out that this couple started catching so many GTs without stop!  First day alone scored over 20 GTs.  As you see in pics below, this Japanese petite woman probably had record catch in our service history in terms of number and size of GTs among all female customers we served.  BAA Atoll seems not much fished by fishing safari as many go further north and remain very good conditions. Of course we cannot conclude out of just 2 days of fishing but definitely worth noting.

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We have probably served around 10 newly wed couples on honeymoon to try their first GT fishing.  Amazingly no couple ended without catch though they are all very first time to try out.  Many of them start with casting lesson for the first half hour or so.  They typically come in packaged tour staying in resorts in North or South Male Atoll, pretty close from airport by speedboat transfer.  Husband, being able show off to his newly married wife with unseen giant fish must be quite an experience while she is so proud of him.  However, when wife happens to catch bigger GTs, would it indicate who will be in charge?!  In any case, Honeymooners always come with luck!

Mr. & Mrs. Onodera from Japan on November 20-21, 2012 in North Male Atoll; catching a beutiful gal and GT!!:


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We receive many inquiries for heading Northern Atolls.  We also started first expedition based in Noonu Atoll in January and March 2012.  Many of Dhoni Fishing Safari heads North from Male though it is a long, slow trip to reach Noonu Atoll over a day without fishing on Dhoni Safari.  So we took seaplane directly to Hilton Irufushi Resort while the boat had been tranported in advance to maximize our fishing time.  From Noonu Atoll, we went around to Lhaviyani, Shaviyani, and Raa Atolls.

Advantages of the speedboat definitely worked in these two expeditions.  Since these northern atolls have been very popular among European Fishermen for more than a decade, appearant fishing points have been well fished and become not too easy to attract smart GTs - particularly Outer Reef.  So, we shifted our strategy to try Inner Reef points and sometime super shallow at high tide.  Speedboat's mobility and speed enabled us to cover greater areas while we could approach those small points from optimal angles.  Dhonis are not able to approach so delicately to those small points so that we found many and big GTs in unspoilt conditions.

Out of those 14 days of fishing in January and March, there were two days we could not catch any for the very last days. The reason was earth quake in Indonesia.  This was not the first time I experienced earth quakes killed all activeness of fishes.  A week after Japan's 3/11 gigantic earth qauke and Tsunami, we were in Palau and saw no activities with any fishes.  Indonesian earth quake was over a half decade ago but a series of quakes after the big one killing over 230,000 people across several countries around continues for quite few years. 

Anyway, my personal taste of fishing is more on outer reef dynamic fishing that is why later this year we shifted our destination to the south - namely Gaafu Dhaalu/ Alif Atolls which are so remote and very few fishing safari reach that far as it takes three days to reach there without fishing...  Use of Domestic flight is also nice and dependable as it flies also at night unlike seaplane for efficient logistics to reach.
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