GT Fishers Maldives team took another expedition for the first time to reach Most Northern part of Maldives -  Iharandhippolhu, & Haa Alifu Atolls.  You can take a domestic flight from Male to Hanimaadhoo International Airport.  Guesthouse is ready to pick you up and smoothly transport to to your rooms in very timely fashion.  We this time negotiated to have best rates for our customers going forward.

Islands in this northern area apparently look very different from the rest of Maldives.  They are large and long; Outer Reef along those long islands make very beautiful fishing area of endless casting.  It consumes a bit more fuels due to longer distance transfer to cover major reefs along the 2 atolls but those are dynamic points with full of potentials.  Our expedition was from September 2nd through 6th – around New Moon time for 5 days.  Though these are very popular fishing points, but just after dhoni fishing safari offseasons in June-July due to more winds and rough seas slow dhonis can do very little for effective fishing, several months no fishermen entered those areas so that conditions were just so great.  Speedboat, we could maneuver in anyways we can despite some winds or high waves in some day but managed to have overwhelming fishing results everyday.

Between Capt. Mohamed’s half time fishing and myself daily around 8-10 hours without any rest even for lunch, we landed over 40 fishes daily – majority GTs.  Over 40kg was 3 catches and double digits for over 30kg.  We lost a couple of apparently larger GTs due to line cut and Lure break (wire cut inside the stckbait!). Those regretful events make us want to come back for revenge then we get another loss – endless cycle of fishing madness we all are deep trapped.

We wish we could stay a bit longer in this area but September 7th was Presidential Election Day so that our crews needed to go back to their home island in Lhaviyani Atoll to vote.  Second Democratic Presidential Election after 2008, 85% of Maldivians vote with full consciousness of democratic participation to choose their own leader.  Some are a bit over enthusiastic that some dead people’s votes and multiple votes by same person in different islands were found that High Court now orders the investigation…  Let us see how this democratic process will proceed with check and balance in this new democratic country of Maldives.  First candidate – ex-President attained 45% of votes but shy of majority so that September 28 will be final round between 1st and 2nd candidates unless 1st round of election will be order to re-do.


Our one of most favorite customers 3 months ago from Japan nicely documented a series of essays from their fishing expeditions with us based in South Male Atoll - Maafushi Island Guesthouse followed by nice water villa stay at resort hotels. First 4 series were only Japanese but this time she did bilingual journal for us!  Let me not edit anything but just simply convey her own words below with pictures of her choices as well.

Though it became late,,,
Those are post script about GT trip in maldive May-June

some pictures below

1,  Only three lures left........for our poor techniques.
 feel too much guilty for brilliant lagoon. (T_T)
 and sinking type are not needed.
 It cannot use often stuck bottom .
2,  I broken my favorite rod for stukking not by GT ,,,orz
 but had a extra .
3~9, We enjoy traditional meal with crew and often eat japanese
snacks on the sea!
Galdia-maldivian stiyle tuna soup dish is very nice and healthy,
we love that.Yummy~!!
10,11 You should be care about sunburn and dear
burning his arm and damaged
12,13 Too much belonging is no good for fishing life.
14~ maldive marine blessing beyond my discription.
I cannot forgotten such a memorial days.
missmissmiss !!!! maldives !

モルディブGT後記 追記です。





Sorry I had not put so much contents in English part of blog...  During this offseason, it actually turned out to be busy season and busy booking for forthcoming high season.  Also gone some expeditions ourselves.

Anyway, one interesting contents I thought about sharing is that some typical customer inquiries.  65% of inquiries ask more or less similar questions.  So let me share our recent chain of inquiry Q&A:

Picture of Mark Micallef
Your a legend!

Thanks so much

I will review over the coming few days and revert to you



Dear Mr. M.M,

Thanks sincerely for your inquiry and love to have comprehensive list of questions v. one line question at the time by iphone/smartphone that continues endlessly then finally end up cancelling which recently experienced with one client in Singapore.... Let me respond to each question as I myself had a lot of confusions in early days and even now!

From: M.M.
Subject: Help Needed
Date: 4 Aug 2013

Hi There

I am looking at a fishing trip to the madlives in October and came across your web site.

I need some clarification please

a) There seem to be so many islands in the Maldives so where do you charter from?
We are based in Male City Island right next to Airport Island located in southern end of North Male Atoll.  Majority of resorts are located in either North/South Male Atolls with speedboat transfer; other remote islands are for airtaxi (water landing small aircraft) or domestic air for even further locations.  We can take charters at almost any atolls or resorts/guesthouses but transferring the boat from Male requires "remote atoll fuel surcharge" that is just simply paying the fuel required to get there and come back to Male with no margin added.  Remember that speedboat engine consume huge gas compared to cars.  I think you need to get yourself familiarize with maps of Maldives and which atolls are located relative to Male etc.  You can find the map in our homepage at: or you can google search any Maldives map images to fit your style.

b) There is a lot of talk on your web site of south or north atoll but what does that mean exactly?
By looking at map you learning which atoll is located where.  Also look at the price table in attached PDF file for "remote atoll fuel surcharge".  Much of contents of each atoll is organized somewhat in our blog at: that help you to decide which atoll you may want to go.  South/North Male show constant results without going far or no fuel surcharge, this is good for first timers.  Some decide to go a bit further to Rasdhoo/North Ari or Vaavu/Meemu. 

c) Do we have the luxury to stay at a resort of our choosing and then the charter boat will pick us up every morning to fish and drop us back? If so where is the most convenient to do this from? South or North?
You can stay at any resorts you want and we can pick you up from our base Male or if remote atoll we find our guesthouse nearby base to service you.  Again North/South Male is convenient.  One thing to pay attention is our daily rate include the daily limit to fuel consumption up to 150 USD worth of petro including pickup/dropoff - if exceed, you are responsible to pay excess petro.  So, if some resorts are so far from our wherever the base we find, it consume more gas just for pickup/dropoff, unless you prepare the resort stays for our crews.  One more thing is that you are responsible to get resort permission to have our access to their jetty to pick you up which sometime resorts do not like it though we have never unable to pickup customers in the past 2 years of operations.

D) What about the Hilton? Is that convenient for you?
E) Is it possible to go fly fishing? or you only do spinning with lures?
Let me reply these two questions together.  Hilton is quite far away as located in Noonu Atoll with significant fuel surcharge though we can find nearby base guesthouse for our crews.  I have myself stayed twice there but I am not impressed with them especially for cost performance.  For the amount of beach villa there, I can find water villa in elsewhere.  Food is not all inclusive and a cup of noodle soup cost 25 USD - turn off.  On the other hand, if you want to do fly fishing, particularly for bone fish, our recommendation is to go Lhaviyani Atoll or Noonu Atoll.  Please check our blog about the contents: If you have 6-7 days and dedicate 2-3 days for fly fishing, you should stay at either atoll.  Personally I like Lhaviyani Atoll that you can cover Baa Atoll and perhaps Raa Atoll as well.  My research shows most of fly fisherman go to Lhaviyani Atoll.  Kuredu Island Resort - not the best but biggest resort we have our friends working so that jetty access can be arranged from our side.

F) Pricing for 7 days fishing for 2 people in early Oct. Can you help?
Again, please take a look at our price table attached.  Basically XXX USD daily x 7 days then other additional costs are based on where you are going.  I hope this is good to start planning. 

Sorry for all the questions but there seems to be some complexity in the Maldives in terms of all of the different islands and the associated logistics so just trying to get more clarity

Thanks in advance