New destination GT Fishers Maldives team developed this year was Faafu Atoll.  In May 2014, we took a ride with our speedboat Magic Life and drive down South South West for 2-3 hours.  (Similar distance to Lhaviyani Atoll - North of Male).  From a brand new guesthouse we parked ourselves for a week, we spend next 7 days for continous fishing without lunch and rest for 7 days straight and each day with 10-12 hours of fishing of keep casting.  Sometime I feel this is harder than Tri-Athron❢

This are was not preserved fairly well as fisihng areas as apperently not too many fishermen exploit the area.  We had both size and quantity of fishes landed.  Areas have so many fishing spots for both dynamic outter reef and inner reef/coral points that we can cover with prompt moves from one point to the other as currents change.  Very efficient fishing.  You should have a lot of stamina and energy with work out as preparation for the expeditions.

After our trial trip, 4 groups of anglers from Italy and Thailand took their expeditions to the same area with the same guesthouse.  EVERYONE with NO EXCEPTIONS said this is one of the best fishing ever.

Guesthouse we stayed is very new and clean with manager with experiences having lived and worked in Scandinavian countries for 2-3 decades knowing Western disciplioned services and hospitality with professional management.  We take dinner at nearby restaurant everyday as we bring a few of our Today's Catches - typically red snappers and groupers.  They cook those fish fresh  wtih local recipe together with a lot of local home cooking like cuisins just for 5 USD per person!!  However, 7 days straight with exact same food was a bit tiring after 5th day...


Gaafu Dhaalu and Gaafu Alifu Atolls are located just above the Equator - very very south of Maldives.  It takes 1-2 days to transport the boat.  It is literally one of a few left out sanctuary with minimum fishermen ever fished in the area.  So we try to conserve the area by limiting ourselves to go only once a year.  This year we went in August for 5 weeks with several groups from Europe, Thailand, China and Japan.

Always we get "Drama" in the expedition.  Last year was gigantic Napoleon Fishes - 4 in 4 days including over 50kg and 60kg. 

This year was monster GT on the very last week with China group though caught by the Capt. Mohamed during anglers' resting time.  Over 60kg - so far the largest ever in our services of the last 4 years.  Of course we have more and more catches for enough dramas for many anglers for life time memories.

Next year we are heading again to Gaafu Dhaalu in April-May 2015.  All teams from Japan, China, Thailand are going again.  Additionally teams of Scandinavians and Italians are planning as well.

If you are interested in joining, please contact your respective agents.

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P1070177 - コピー

Our Denish Agent GetAway Tours took an experimental expedition to Lhaviyani Atoll for Fly Fishing as well as popping.  6 anglers take turn to Fly Fish on Shore and Offshore Popping.  Attenpts were very successful in catching several bone fishes, trigger fishes, Blue Fin Trevally, and GTs.  Popping came back with bonus of over 60kg Dog Tooth Tuna!! 

Let me share their reports with URL link:

Our fly anglers were dragged all over the boat!

2014-05-28: Last winter we had two groups exploring the fly fishing possibilities in the Maldives,  fishing from shore as well as from the boat. Only on the second trip did we find the bonefish,  our target species,  and overall results were pretty thin with the fly rods. In short,  two test trips that shows exactly why it is called “test trips”.

The limited success with the fly rods didn’t result in a bad fishing trips. The fly anglers just had to put down their long rods and pick up the heavy spinning tackle instead and throw some big poppers. Then they got some real action! We heard plenty of stories about the poor fy fishers being dragged up and down the boat, getting bruises in strange places (fly anglers don’t know what a fighting belt is),  aching arms and smashed lines.

Catches included lots of groupers,  snappers and GTs – up to more than 40 kilos! – and not least a huge dogtooth tuna,  jumping out of the water as it went for the popper and finally fighting itself to death. As a consequence,  it ended up as on the dinner table several nights in a row.

The feedback from those trips was “had we just had the range of a lure angler when shore fishing, being able to reach the other side of the surf, it would have been a completely different story”. This – and the fact that our German employee Robert has already shore fished for GTs in the Maldives with success – inspired us to do the “Maldives-Special” program.

The pictures below are from the fly angler’s second test trip.