Fantstic Report from our customer for his expeditions in Lhaviyani in Christmas time in 2014.  Landing over 50kg in 3 day expeditions, he is suprisingly 1st year GT Angler on 12th month from his first GT Fishing also with us in January 2014.  Originally posted in and copied here with author's permission.

Maldives Fishing Report December 2014


More customers we get at full utilization, we are getting happy feedback from customers.  This is original blog link of customer feedback from Denmark's GetAway tour this month by Denmark anglers.  Photos are a bit oversize but you should be okay with them, right?!

“Youngstar” & co. hittin’ the Maldives

2014-12-02: From our good friend Frederik “Youngstar” Hansen we just received this report from his recent trip with us to the Maldives:

We had booked the trip to Maldives one year before, so expectations were high! Four Danish guys with the hopes of catching plenty of GT’s, also a couple of big ones and then a lot of light tackle fun on our PE 4-5 gear. We also brought our jigging gear despite reports suggesting that Maldives is more of a popping than a jigging destination.

Together with Jacob Rønnow, Nikolaj Bielecki and my father I escaped the cold Danish weather and travelled through Dubai and on to Male on the 14th of November. Upon arrival we were greeted by Mohamed, the captain of Magic Life. After another three hours in the speedboat we reached Lhaviyani. The accommodation was simple but clean and the island was…let’s just say “very local :-) Actually, we didn’t see any other tourists before we were back at the airport!

Our trip was right in the short local monsoon-period (which we didn’t know when we booked the tickets;-)) so we had 3½ days with sunshine and 3½ days with heavy rain, so we had the chance to see Maldives at its best, and at its worst. None of us had experienced rain this before, literally sea and sky were one and the visibility turning into almost zero. Amazing.

Overall we caught 57 GTs, with two big ones amongst them – 118 cm (weighed at between 29-31 kg) on a Salter Samson Scale Weight) and another even bigger one at 125 cm. Both of them hit a Heru Skipjack.

Almost all of the GTs were in the class of 60-90 cm, so there is no need to bring in the ultra heavy gear. PE 5-6 is suitable, but never the less we got reefed a couple of times – typically on lighter PE3-4 gear, when a +100 cm fish took the lure and went straight for the reef.

To give an example, I caught 22 GTs on the trip (6½ days of fishing), with the biggest measuring 89 cm, and lost a couple of fish in the range of 100 cm, but didn’t have contact with something bigger than this. And it wasn’t because I was fishing smaller lures. 90% of the time, I was fishing Skipjack 90/120 g or Gamma 160H with PE5-6 gear.

However, we had some world class fishing, with a lot of different fish: Red Snapper, Green Jobfish, Sweet lip, Bluefin Trevally, Garfish and Groupers. We even had a big shark and a wahoo chasing our stickbaits – and lots of action, so we were extremely pleased with the trip! The jigging was pretty slow, but on the way back to Male we found some great action with three smaller dogtooth tunas (6-8 kg), some almacos/amberjacks in the same range and various species of groupers.

/Frederik HansensnapperIMG_9843IMG_9815IMG_9715IMG_9689IMG_9676IMG_9662IMG_9625IMG_9616IMG_9577IMG_9360IMG_9339IMG_9288IMG_9286IMG_9179IMG_9150IMG_9147IMG_9090


Just thinking from customer's perspectives, the best source of information is from other customers.  GT Fishers Team tries to get more data and learning experiences and knowledge by donig our business shared from our perpective but supply side information is always limited to somewhat being in our favor!  Also our contents tend so focused on fishing and fishes we landed (then released) while for many customers espeically for the first time in Maldives including first cultural encounters etc. - by reviewing Erik's photos, refreshing how I started experiencing Maldives at first and what was special in those fresh eyes.  So I put much more pics in this blog so you see as if you visited there yourselves!

So here is the facebook feedback and album from the customer - the hybrid team of North and Eastern European budy anglers.

Maldiverna Dec. 2014

En dröm blir sann! 4 dagars expedition med GT Fishers Maldives och Kapten Mohd Keyolhu i området kring Maafushi! ca 25 GT totalt med toppfiskarna på 30 kg + samt 45 kg! Diverse bonusfångster på både popper och speedjigging.

A dream come true. 4 days expedition with GT-Fishers Maldivers and Captain Mohd Keyolhu in the area of Maafushi! A total of approx. 25 GT and several bonus catches on both popper and speedjigging.

Enjoy the pics!